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There’s something very special about wearing a custom designed piece of apparel. If you’re proud of your brand, proud of your team, or have a message you want to spread everywhere you go creating apparel is the best way to do it. Simply One Stop has unlimited apparel options (shop now) or you can bring in your own pieces. No job is too small or too large, there’s a printing method just right for your budget. Bring in you ideas and we will make them a reality.



Embroidery uses thread to create a patch or is directly sewn into apparel. Embroidery is the most professional way to apply a logo or text to a garment and will last a lifetime. This process requires a small fee to digitize artwork to be used by the embroidery machinery.

– Can be applied to wide variety of apparel and locations
– Long lasting
– Wash and dry as usual
– Thread options are numerous
– Can be expensive choice for small run orders
– Small, full color images are not ideal


Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is most commonly used to add player numbers to the back of team apparel. The material is vinyl which is cut and bonds to the cloth through heat and pressure.

Heat transfer comes in a wide variety of colors and includes fun options like sparkle, glow-in-the-dark, and reflective. There is also a very special version that allow us to digitally print in full color.

– Allows for customization
– Ideal for small quantities
– Cannot survive repeated high heat wash & dry cycles
– Not good for high quantities
– Full color designs not recommended


Screen Print

Screen print (aka silk screening) is a process that applies a plastic ink which is heated to bond with your apparel’s surface. With this process each color of your design requires a separate screen which may translate to a high initial cost but is great for large quantities.

– High quality image
– Long lasting
– Cost effective for high quantities
– Vibrant colors
– Big initial setup costs
– Minimum quantity 12 pieces


Direct To Garment

DTG printing is like inkjet printing but the shirt is the paper! This technique uses special water-based inks which are absorbed into the fabric. There is no limit to the detail or number of colors possible.

– Full color, high detail
– Print will have soft feel
– Great for small quantities
– Not ideal for large runs
– Slow compared to screen print


Apparel Options

Simply One Stop offers very competitive pricing on apparel OR you can bring in your own garments. Please visit us with a sample and we will suggest the best printing method for your fabric preference.
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