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Albuquerque, T-Shirts Are Our Specialty

Albuquerque goes through a lot of shirts at the hands of Albuquerque screen printers, because we are a busy place.  T-shirts are a big seller in this area, thanks to the many events, festivals, teams, races, outdoor activities, and manufacturing plants that can be found around the region. Custom t-shirts make economical sense to keep the per unit price of your shirt needs within budget.  A number of different processes allow SOS to put just about anything you can imagine on a shirt for you. If you need custom graphic design, our talented team can work up artwork for you at a reasonable rate. Our turnaround time is fast, and we can handle any number of shirts you need, whether it is a special one-off for someone’s retirement, or thousands for the Balloon Fiesta or other large events

Various Methods for Producing Custom Shirts Albuquerque Will Remember

The purpose for your shirt order will make a difference in the process we suggest, as well as the type of shirt that will serve the needs best and be within budget. If you are looking for resale shirts, or give-away items, t-shirts are ideal in many cases. Available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, they are economical, and are the perfect palette for screen-printing.  If, on the other hand, you are looking for a small quantity that needs to be customized for each employee, and has to look polished and professional, we suggest polo shirts embroidered with the company name, logo, and even the employees name or other information. Many customers look to see if service people and sales staffs are in company identified shirts, which provide both a professional look and safe identification. 

When you meet with us to initiate a quote or an order, we will ask you some basic questions about turnaround time, per piece budget, how many colors are needed, the variety of sizes needed, if there will be possible reprints (further orders of the same design), colors, material preferences, and whether or not there is customization required such as a team number or name on individual garments. The type of design, especially the number of colors and detail, factor into what we will recommend for the best possible final product. We also will ask your per piece budget, and if there is a replacement cycle (do you supply shirts for your staff, such as service, retail, or manufacturing plant employees).  All these details allow us to provide suggestions from experience about durability, ease of care, as well as meeting safety requirements.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to produce custom shirts for your company or group. The purpose for the shirt (or other apparel) can determine what is appropriate, practical, and budget friendly when deciding on a final product.  The total number needed, the number of colors involved in printing, the base item color, if there is a detailed logo, icon, or picture that needs to be conveyed, and other details all factor into how decisions towards a final design that meets the needs of your organization.

Silk Screening Albuquerque Notices

  If you are looking for an item to use as a gift or bonus, to hand out to participants, or for a work crew that goes through shirts but needs to be identified as working for the company, silk screening, also known as screen printing, is a great option. Screen printing Albuquerque utilizes normally employs plastic ink that is heat bonded onto the fabric of the shirt or other item. True color matching is possible, producing distinct colors that are long lasting, highly washable, and durable.  Screen-printing is a hand application process, and the ink is thicker than digital printing, which equates to vibrant, intense, dense color saturation. Each color in the process requires another screen and separate application, and there are minimum quantities required to use this kind of process. The initial set-up for the artwork and screens can be more expensive than some methods, but if you need to produce a large number of shirts, this is a great option. Screen-printing works extremely well on t-shirts and other specialty products, and is the go-to methods for dark backgrounds due to the way colors pop when screen-printed.

SOS Does Beautiful Custom T-Shirt Printing, Albuquerque

There are several other methods to produce high quality custom t-shirts, polo shirts, and other items besides screen-printing.  SOS offers DTG – Direct to Garment printing, similar to silk screening but using a digital printer that can produce nearly any color in crisp detail. The final product has a softer feel with no stiff areas where the ink has been applied.  Just about any image can be created with this water-based ink process. The process is slow, and not recommended for large quantities, but if you need just a few shirts with crisp, detailed copy or photographic reproduction, this is the way to achieve a beautiful shirt.

 Other options for custom shirts include embroidery and heat transfers. Embroidery can be used on many different types of materials, is washable and highly durable. Embroidered items are somewhat more expensive overall, but if your sales staff or floor professionals need to look sharp in a company logoed polo or dress shirt that identifies them, embroidery is a good choice for longevity and a professional look. 

 Heat transfers are great when you need to apply individual information to a shirt, jersey, or other item, as the transfers can be customized for team number or other identification. Heat transfers have the advantage of specialty materials including glitter, sparkles, reflective or glow-in-the-dark images that enhance safety or provide an extra decorative touch. Heat transfers are not generally durable over a period of time as they wear more readily and do not do as well with repeated washings.

Get Our Graphic Design Team to Create Custom T-Shirts Albuquerque Loves

The Simply One Stop Apparel Shop has a wide selection of colors, fabric content, and styles of shirts to choose from, as well as hats, aprons, and other items that can be decorated with screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, or DTG printing.  Call us or send in our online form and we will get with you to provide ideas and a free quote for your project. If you need artwork, our creative team of highly experienced graphic designers can meet with you to gather information about your desires and ideas, and then create something custom for your event, school, team, or business. We are longtime residents and business owners in Albuquerque, and serve the entire region. We are able to produce items and have them shipped to you if the need arises. Call us and let’s get started on a head turning new screen-printed shirt project for you.

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