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Car Wraps Applied in Albuquerque, NM

Wraps are a great way to put a new face on your existing vehicle. They will protect the life of your paint and set you apart from all others on the road. Our designers and installers have been working with vehicles for over 8 years and they love a new challenge.
If you’re a business owner there is NO BETTER INVESTMENT than turning your vehicle into a billboard for your brand. A wrap is 40 times more cost-effective than a standard television ad and can never be turned off! Depending on sun exposure a vehicle wrap will last at least 3 years… plus, we guarantee all our work and would be happy to fix any issue that develops.

A car wrap we've applied in Albuquerque, NM
Digital Print – custom designed to fit your vehicle, printed in-house on premium quality Arlon & 3M wrap media, laminated to preserve color for 3-5years, and applied in our secure warehouse by expert installers.

Fleet wraps increase brand recognition by 15 times the amount of ANY other advertising. Vehicle wraps and graphics have incredible reach and an incredible return on investment.

Color Change – If you’re getting bored with your vehicle the easiest way to upgrade the look is change its color. Set your vehicle apart with a custom combination and mix of vinyl colors/textures.

Protect your car for resale… get a wrap right away to prevent paint fading and scratches. A professionally installed (and/or removed) wrap will not damage your paint and is designed to last up to 7 years depending on sun exposure. We always guarantee you will be satisfied and welcome you back if an issue ever develops.

Simply One Stop uses only premium products tested and approved by our expert installers and clients. We stock Avery, 3M, and Arlon products offered in a full spectrum of colors and finishes including: Matte Black – Carbon Fiber – Color Shift – Chrome – Camo – Satin – Brushed Metal


Partial wraps are typically a mixture of digital print panels and solid color cut vinyl text. Partial wraps can be designed to elegantly blend with your existing paint and body lines to give a look that is very custom.

Partial coverage is great for large vehicles and tight budgets… you’ll soon notice that the wrap has paid for itself!


Die Cut Decals

These jobs are similar to partial wraps but instead of installing large panel strips each full color digitally printed graphic is laminated and then precisely cut into custom shapes. Ideal for full color logos and custom color text. If you want find the wrap swatch your looking for we can print your dream color!



The sky is the limit with cut vinyl graphics. Anything you imagine and be achieved by our install and design team. We dare you to bring us something new and challenging!

We only work with trusted and tested materials (available in an infinite range of color and textures). You can be sure your vehicle is safe because our installers work in a secure, tidy warehouse space with the best tools and vehicle care practices.